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“I had the opportunity of working with Ellen this year on a contract for a screenplay adaptation. What I enjoyed about working with Ellen was that in addition to her expertise, she was fair to both parties and worked with us to create a win-win situation. I have already recommended her to another client and will continue to do so. Ellen is a highly ethical and personable attorney.”

Corey Blake,
Screenwriter, Owner,
Writers of the Round Table Inc.,
Writing Services Company

“Ellen has broad knowledge of the publishing industry and has provided Accendo Publishing with valuable publishing contract services reflective of her high-integrity, expertise, and thoroughness. It is a pleasure to work with Ellen.”

Tammy Lee McClure,
Director of Marketing, Solaria; President, Accendo Publishing

What people are saying:

"I have never had this feeling about an attorney before as I have about Ellen - where I wanted to so proactively involve her and solicit her involvement and where I can't wait to hand all our work over to her.

Ellen showed up with so much more than we expected - she blew the scale away!

By our third meeting, we said: Ellen has to be doing everything for us and taking the lead.

Ellen gives top quality legal and business knowledge, and has a depth of contacts, background and experience.

She really cares about us - and it was not about the billable hours. She was willing to support us in ways far beyond our expectations, and she did it in such a non-attorney way.

Right from the beginning, Ellen was humble, caring, warm-hearted, and sincere, going against the stereotypical image of most attorneys."

-Paul DeKleermaeker -
Shared Vision Network

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Since 1983, Ellen Stiefler has protected the rights of individuals and businesses in a wide range of fields including entertainment, the media, Internet and technology, e-commerce, and consumer businesses. Ellen offers much more than the typical lawyer. She delivers sound legal counsel and in-depth expertise in intellectual property law,  
but beyond that, she offers smart, savvy business advice and a rare human element that allows her to achieve unexpectedly good results, time and time again.

Ellen has appeared regularly on television and is a published author and much sought-after speaker on the subjects of Protecting your Intellectual Property and Protecting yourself from Identity Theft.

Ellen is known for giving her clients:
  • legal and business advice;
  • reliability and responsiveness;
  • dedication to her clients’ needs;
  • excellent listening and interpersonal skills;
  • emphasis on "win-win" results;
  • negotiating skill derived from being “soft on the people and hard on the problem”
  • resourcefulness and tenacity in solving problems;
  • lots of good, old-fashioned hard work.

Ellen draws on a unique background of experience from which it is easy to understand why so many of her clients are in technology, business and the creative arts.

As a child, Ellen was a violinist in the pre-college division of the Juilliard School. After graduating from the Brearley School in New York City, she received a Bachelor of Science degree from Duke University. At Duke, Ellen received the equivalent of an MBA while still an undergraduate (her major course of study later became the curriculum of Duke's Business School).

After college, Ellen studied copyright law with the U.S. Copyright Office's Register of Copyrights, Marybeth Peters, and was an Editor of the Inter-American Law Review at the University of Miami School of Law, from which she received her law degree in 1983.

Rounding out her education, Ellen studied international and comparative law at Oxford University in England, and the art of negotiation, mediation and alternative dispute resolution at Harvard Law School.

Ellen is also well-respected for the quality and depth of her community service. She has served on the boards of directors of Kids Korps USA and Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine for 10 years each and the advisory boards of many other civic and charitable organizations.

Ellen is admitted to the practice of the law in New York and California.

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Ellen pictured with her sons, Zack, 20, a junior at Duke University; Tim, 18, a freshman at Trinity College; Robby, 14, a high school freshman at The Bishop's School, and her fiancÚ, Rand.


quoteEllen has the rare gift of thinking like a creative entrepreneur with the discipline of an attorney. With Ellen, you get much more than an attorney; you get an experienced business person.

Ellen helped me to a solution that saved me money and literally 3-6 months time, plus she got me there quicker than I was heading to with anyone else.

Ellen engages in a dialogue, not a monologue – and that is huge! Not only are Ellen’s questions great, she listens! She is quick and to the point, but she speaks to me like a human being, eye to eye, never trying to intimidate with her knowledge and expertise. Her questions are insightful and helped me focus. She guided me with a trusting, thoughtful approach."

Declan Dunn, CEO R*I*G*H*T Now Institute

quoteEllen treats her clients as if their successes are her own. It's like having an attorney for a partner. She is brilliant, attentive and fun, and the most available and responsive lawyer I can remember."

quoteEllen Stiefler is a terrific lawyer. It is an honor to recommend her. I am grateful to the person who recommended her to me. She is very professional, a go-getter and an excellent communicator.

Ellen gets amazing results. She managed to get me a better Infomercial deal than I was going to sign. Every point she changed in my favor was accepted due to her great negotiating skills. She also provided excellent turnaround time.

None of the other attorneys I have worked with have impressed me as Ellen did. I would look to Ellen for any kind of legal service. On a scale of 1 to 10, she is a 10. She is my top pick."

- Nordine Zouareg -
Mr. World, Mr. Europe,
2-time Mr. Universe. Director, Mind, Body, Spirit Center at Miraval Fitness Resort, Tucson, Arizona

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