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  Ellen W. Stiefler: Ellen Stiefler offers much more than the typical lawyer or literary agent. Ellen gives sound legal counsel, deftly negotiates deals, and beyond that, she also offers smart, savvy business advice and a rare human element that allows her to achieve unexpectedly good results, time and time again ...
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quote I have never had this feeling about an attorney before as I have about Ellen - where I wanted to so proactively involve her and solicit her involvement and where I can't wait to hand all our work over to her.

Ellen showed up with so much more than we expected - she blew the scale away!

By our third meeting, we said: Ellen has to be doing everything for us and taking the lead.

Ellen gives top quality legal and business knowledge, and has a depth of contacts, background and experience.

She really cares about us - and it was not about the billable hours. She was willing to support us in ways far beyond our expectations, and she did it in such a non-attorney way.

Right from the beginning, Ellen was humble, caring, warm-hearted, and sincere, going against the stereotypical image of most attorneys.

-Paul DeKleermaeker -
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